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Terry Smith

Terry Smith MSc BSc (hons) MCSP HCPC (reg)

Chartered Physiotherapist

A little bit about me… I was born, raised, live and work in London. My professional background is in Physiotherapy. In my clinics I still treat the full spectrum of neuromusculoskeletal conditions from chronic pain to ankle sprains, headaches to metatarsalgia, and everything in between. But what I really like is running and treating running injuries. Along with my Physiotherapy qualifications and post-graduate training I have a Sports Science degree, I’m a certified barefoot running coach and a UK Athletics leader in running fitness. I’ve worked in many different areas of the profession, from our wonderful, but under-resourced, NHS to some of the biggest corporate companies in the world. I’ve worked in gyms, sports teams and even people’s own homes. Currently i’m working with the British military where I get plenty of chance to indulge my passion of treating running injuries. When I’m not in clinic I’m running this website, which I set up to help people improve their running, but the underlying goal of the site is to get people active and healthy. I also write the odd article for health and fitness magazines, and at the time of writing this profile I am the resident physiotherapist for the Women’s Running UK online magazine. Feel free to have a look around the site, check out the products and running shop and see if there is anything in there you feel could help you. 

Ultimately this website is yours and I want to create a resource that is as tailored to your needs as possible. The best way for me to achieve that goal is to really listen to what you want. So, if there are any topics you would like me to cover or any resources you would like to see on the site I’d love to hear from you. You can contact me via twitter, facebook, email or just in the comments section of an article.



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