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If you’re anything like me, then you will know the pain and frustration of blisters. I’ve always marvelled at how something so small (although not always small) can cause so much pain! It reminded me of this clip from the film “Run, Fat Boy, Run”




When I was younger, I used to get terrible blisters, every year, around the time pre-season football training kicked in. They were as regular as clockwork, every year, and I had some real nasty ones.

I remember trying everything to prevent them, and I do mean everything!! I recall one extreme example…The club physio at the time instructed me to bath my feet in urine, yes you read correctly, urine! for 10 mins per day. The theory being that the amonia in the urine would harden my feet and thus prevent blisters (you’ll be pleased to know ( I think) that I used my own urine) Anyway, as you can probably tell, that little experiment was unsuccessful!! the blisters still came, and my family very nearly had me sectioned under the mental health act!

Recently, I came across this great article on blister prevention and wished I had read it years ago. So in my mission to provide as much quality information for you as possible, here’s the link to the article. I hope you find it as beneficial as I did.




August 13, 2015

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