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I wanted to put out a quick heads up to let you all know that there is going to be a lot more nutrition posts coming to the site in the coming months.


This week brings me to week 4 of my nutrition course. Overall, it will take me between 1-2 years to be insured as a nutritionist, but my plan is to share what I learn along the way. Anything, interesting, or that I believe will be helpful to you, I’ll post on the site.


I’ve been interested in the nutrition side of health and performance for a long time now, but have now finally taken the plunge to gain more knowledge and hopefully get a formal qualification at the end of it. I think the performance and overall health benefits of good nutrition fit perfectly into the mission statement at LondonRunningPT so I’m looking forward to sharing more info with you to help improve your running and keep you healthy. Although with the added workload I’ve let myself in for if anyone knows where I can buy a few more hours in the day, please let me know!!

August 26, 2015

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