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Last week I had the pleasure of hosting James Dunne, from Kinetic Revolution, in my Wimbledon clinic. Some of you may have read the articles I’ve written for Kinetic Revolution. My first piece was on my big bug bear in Physiotherapy – Osteoarthritis, and specifically Osteoarthritis in runners (click HERE) and this was followed up by an article on stress fractures in runners (click HERE).

In this episode of the train smarter podcast, James and I discuss these articles, as well as exploring some interesting (at least to us anyway) wider areas of running injuries and performance, attempting to debunk some running injury myths along the way. So, grab yourself a coffee (tea, if you’re like me) or put your earphones in on your commute home and have a listen. Hope you enjoy it and I’m hoping you have your thoughts and beliefs challenged a little bit along the way. Let me know what you think.

July 14, 2015

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