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 I wanted to put this shop together, for anyone who wants to learn more about the world of running, and to introduce you to some accessories, and material, that I personally think are helpful. Now, it's really important to know, that you don't necessarily need anything on this page to make you a great runner, these resources are there for you to browse, reflect on, and make your own decision about whether it would be helpful to you.

This list of materials is by no means exhaustive, it's just the stuff I know and i'm aware of. I personally own, have read, used most, if not all, of the things on this list, so can give an honest appraisal of them. You will not find anything on this page that I do not personally believe in or have tried out first.


The links below are Amazon affiliate links, which basically means: if you click through from my page and purchase something, I will get a small commission on any products you buy. You certainly do not have to click through from my page, and can go straight to the individual website, but a sincere thank you, in advance, to anyone that does click through. I greatly appreciate it, as it allows me to keep doing what i'm doing and run my blog. Thank you.



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