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Understanding the Deep Squat – What most cross-fitters don’t know

This video was inspired by a few clients I’d had in clinic recently. All of them were cross fitters, all of them pain free and all of them came to see me because they were struggling with their ability to get into a deep squat.


The deep squat is an interesting movement and one I often use to screen runners. You can tell an awful lot about restrictions and movement patterns from a deep squat.


What interested me most about these clients, is they all had different beliefs about why they felt they couldn’t get into a deep squat…”poor core stability”, “My shoulders are tight”, “My thoracic spine is stiff”. So it got me thinking … if these guys had different opinions on what their problem is, then maybe everyone else is confused as well…so I did a bit of searching…and I found some really good videos and articles on the deep squat, as always, I found some pretty bad ones as well…but I did notice that no-one was talking about, what I felt, was a pretty fundamental point when looking at the deep squat.


So I thought I’d make quick 5 minute video and put that right. That 5 min video turned into a 19min and 23 sec video…Doh! I guess being concise and succinct is not my forte! … so grab yourself a coffee…make it a big one…a very big one…or make it so hot that you can’t drink it for the first 5 mins of the video and then you may have a chance and getting through in one go.


Let me know what you think in the comments below…I do answer each and every comment (it may take me a few days or so, but I do answer them).


January 20, 2016

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